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Schooling Standards

Enhance your training with our Schooling Standards, available in heights of 4', 5', and 6' to suit diverse training requirements. Sold in sets of two, these standards are built from ground-contact pressure-treated wood, guaranteeing both durability and resistance to weathering. Choose your setup style with either the adaptable keyhole track system for quick height adjustments or the reliable pin & hole system for secure jump configurations. Perfect for equestrians aiming for quality and versatility in their course design, these standards ensure lasting performance and ease of use across all training levels. Sold in pairs (sets of 2). 

Option 1: Keyhole Track System

Experience precision with our modern Keyhole Track System. Designed for ease of adjustment and secure placement, these metal tracks offer a seamless way to set your preferred jump height. Durable and sleek, they ensure a quick and confident setup for any equestrian event.

Option 2: Pin and Hole System

Embrace tradition with our classic Pin and Hole System. Using drilled holes and sturdy pins, this method offers a tried-and-true approach to jump height adjustment. Its simplistic design ensures reliability and offers an authentic touch to your equestrian setup.

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