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Briar Hill Horse Jumps is hiring a Shopify Digital Marketing Manager (Part-Time) 

kentucky show jumps

 The Shopify Digital Marketing Manager - Position Overview:

We are a new and growing horse jump manufacturing startup, we're focused on elevating our online presence and revenue. We seek a part-time Digital Marketing Manager who is not only adept at maintaining an e-commerce platform but also possesses the creativity and strategic insight to refine our current digital efforts and establish a high-performing e-commerce business. This role is pivotal in managing our Shopify site, enhancing web user experience, magnifying online sales, and amplifying our brand's digital footprint. The ideal candidate will spearhead initiatives to create a seamless, engaging online shopping experience, drive organic SEO, coordinate product promotion aligned with our inventory and business goals, and effectively leverage social media and other digital platforms to increase brand awareness and sales. APPLY HERE.

Key Responsibilities:

  • E-commerce Excellence: Lead the enhancement and management of our Shopify product pages, ensuring optimal shipping processes, captivating content, and strategies that boost organic SEO, sales, and brand engagement.
  • Strategic Product Promotion: Align product promotion with inventory and business objectives, employing creative and data-driven strategies.
  • Broadened Online Presence: Extend our brand’s reach on platforms like Etsy and manage digital properties such as Instagram and Facebook to drive traffic and customer conversions.
  • Creative Direction for Photography: Collaborate with photographers to produce striking images that resonate with our target audience and showcase our products' quality and appeal.
  • Design and Social Media Expertise: Utilize your skills in graphic design, social media, and paid advertising to enhance brand visibility and engagement.
  • Analytics and SEO: Analyze digital marketing performance to refine strategies and implement effective on-page SEO techniques.

  • Preferred but not required:

    • Equestrian experience preferred.
    • Driving distance from Lexington, Kentucky.
    • Video Production and Team Collaboration: Create compelling video content and work cohesively with other teams to ensure a unified brand message and successful marketing campaigns.
    • Content-writing experience.

    Work Hours & Compensation:

    • Part-Time Flexibility: A commitment of 10-15 hours weekly, with the possibility for additional hours as the business grows.
    • Competitive Pay: Offering $28 per hour.
    • Employment: This is a W-2 position requiring eligibility verification to work within the specified location. Wages are distributed on a bi-monthly basis.


    Join Our Mission:

    As we stride towards making Briar Hill Horse Jumps a leading name in the equestrian market, we invite you to bring your passion, expertise, and innovative thinking to our team. If you're driven to build and refine a thriving e-commerce business and have a deep appreciation for the equestrian lifestyle, we're eager to hear from you.